Monday, November 5, 2007

Blankie time!

For a long time I have been working on a blanket for my hubby. It's one of those big fleece blankets that you cut around the edges and tie them into knots. One side of it was going to be Yoda and the other side was just white (so I can fold it and still have it match.) Today I finally finished this blanket that has been 3/4 of the way done since before the wedding...
Tonight, after dinner, Hubby laid down on the chaise lounge to play his beloved XBox 360. He covered himself with the Yoda blanket. He had the controller under the blanket with him so all you could see of him was his head. I found that mildly entertaining. After he played a game of football, he carried the blanket around with him until he decided if he was ready for bed or not. His logic behind doing that...he was afraid I would steal the blanket from him (even though I have my own Cinderella blanket in the closet.) So tonight as he crawled into bed...he didn't pull back the blankets on the bed (I actually made the bed today!) Instead, he laid on top of all the covers and then put his Yoda blanket over top of him. His logic: it's nice and warm so he won't need the other blankets and I will get to have all the blankets to myself. The only problem with that would be that he is now sleeping on top of half of the blankets which would slightly limit my access to them... He enjoys the littlest things in life and he always makes me laugh...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I saw a ghost and no one believes me!

Very few people in my life are aware of the fact that I believe in ghosts. It is not something I advertise on a regular basis due to the controversy around the subject. This is something I can't deny anymore. I have had a completely freaky experience today and Hubby doesn't believe me. Here is what happened:

I am notorious for sleeping in. Hubby woke up earlier than I did and went out to the living room to play video games until I woke up. Well, I woke up and laid in bed for awhile and watched TV. Frequently when I am alone I will watch some of the ghost shows on TV (Ghost Hunters, Ghostly Encounters...) This morning I happened to catch a full episode of Ghostly Encounters. I watched the first story and was thinking the whole time that I know there are ghosts around me because I have heard freaky things and I believe I've seen them out of the corner of my eye many times before. It kind of would be cool to see a friendly ghost and have some form of communication with them. (When everyone asks what super hero power you would want, I always want to be able to communicate with spirits like a medium or psychic.) So when the second story of the episode came on I was sitting up in bed, contemplating changing and then going out into the living room after the episode was over. There was about 5 minutes left in the show and the girl was talking about feeling a ghostly presence in the hallway and such. As I look at the TV, I noticed something that wasn't there before and it made my stomach do flip flops. As I looked at the TV, there was a shadow in the shape of a head, neck, and shoulders in front of the TV. Now, Hubby told me it was probably just a reflection, which I would give merit to that idea if the shadow had only been on the TV screen. This shadow when outside of the TV screen and the TV itself. Hubby just thought my imagination was getting the best of me so I drew a picture of what I saw...

It was a shadowy figure and I could still see thru it and look at the TV screen. Of course my first reaction is to tell Hubby about it, but he really doesn't believe me. I talked to the little brother I never wanted about it and he doesn't believe me either... Please tell me that someone in my life believes me and I'm not crazy! I know I have had encounters with ghosts before and I know I'm not alone. Please help keep me sane...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fear Not Citizen

For I have found the quotes from the reunion of the Sisters in Boston. They are as follows:


"Crack is the new cleavage"
"Ha Ha...She said nipple"
"In my head that sentence was perfectly enunciated"
"I'm lucky I'm smarter than I am drunk"
"If I was hotter I would have poured the whole water on me"
"She was telling me about your cock"
"If the plane crashed your body would be found because your boobs would make it float."
"Well, your butt would keep you afloat, but it wouldn't do much for your breathing"
"I'm Mighty Whitey, defender of the tighty whitey"
"Mom, Bean runs red lights!"


"Sometimes you have to just live with skid marks"
"Dad, Jaymie stole the batteries out of your remote. Who's your favorite now?"
"Oh yeah, we'll faux hawk her"
"A Vagina Monologue is really a queef"
"Why are you paying a phone bill if you aren't going to use it?-- That's what you sounded like in my head"
"I used to have a daughter named Bean"
"I want this house spic and span by the time I get back"
"He tells me I don't drink beer for the 4th time like I don't already know that"


"Fear not citizen"
"I'm doing Morris code" "For what?" "You always need to know the details"
"Fear not citizen for I will distract him with my finger hole"

I did enjoy the use of color during this blog. I thought it might keep it interesting...even though the quotes are interesting enough. Enjoy Sisters!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gotta Love the Boys

Hoag: I have no place to dry my hands in your bathroom. But it's nice...

Me: Use the guest towels

Hoag: But you have them hanging up so nice and I don't want to mess them up.

Me: Then use the orange one on the counter

Hoag: But I don't want to mess up your guest towels.

Me: Why not? You are a guest...

Hoag: No I'm not. I'm just a friend who comes over to hang out and watch football. I don't use guest towels. I use friend toilet paper to dry my hands...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Adventures in Massillon

So tonight the hubby and I were both tired. I came home from work and took a nap on the chaise lounge while he watched TV. (How romantic for newlyweds.) We decided that for dinner we would go to BK because I wanted a milkshake. Damn... the road was closed. Instead of driving around the community to get there, we decide to go to Taco Bell. Our first warning about eating at such a fine establishment tonight should have been the crowded parking lot and the drive thru with 10 cars waiting. Instead, we ignore the signs of a bad evening and go into Taco Bell. After standing there for a couple seconds to check the menu (which is rather pointless... we both already knew what we wanted), we are greeted by a not so friendly, not so enthusiastic, monotone stoner at the register:

Pleasant employee: "Welcome to Taco Bell. Would you like to try a new Grande Quesadilla?"

Hubby: "No. Can we get a #9 with no tomatoes or onions"

Pleasant employee: "No tomatoes or what?"

Hubby: "No tomatoes or onions"

Pleasant employee: "No what?"

Me: "Just no tomatoes"

That should have been sign #2 for the evening, but we still continued to ignore all the red flags and flashing lights telling us to retreat back to the apartment. That just gave way to this:

Pleasant Employee: "Do you want anything to drink"

Hubby: "Our orders come with drinks."

At this point, the employee takes our receipt and looks it over for a long time. He then retreats to the opposite end of the counter and brings back 1 cup... Hmm... There are 2 of us and we ordered 2 drinks... DUH! Upon Hubby asking for our second cup, the odd ritual started again. He took the receipt from me and stared for a really long time. Hubby then decides to interject and let the stupid stoner know that we ordered 2 combo meals, both of which include drinks, but yet he gave us only one cup. The dumbfounded employee goes to the opposite end of the counter and brings back another cup. At this point in time I grab the cup from him and turn around really fast so he can not see my laughter. I'm sure he could tell when I raised my hand up to cover my mouth that I was laughing. The other people standing there waiting started to giggle a little too.

By this point in time, I am annoyed... and slightly entertained by the overly "charismatic" employee...

But the experience gets better.

After waiting for 10 minutes, I'm getting a little irritated. Me + hungry + waiting for food = a bad situation for whomever my wrath falls upon. But, with Hubby being the only one to sense my bad mood, everyone else just went about making even bigger mistakes...and the children there kept screaming for their mother...

After about 5 more minutes of waiting, the workers realize the kid working the window has handed the wrong bag to a drive thru customer... meaning this person has received MY MEAL!
The person realizes before driving off that he has the incorrect meal and comes inside to claim his real order. I then whispered to Hubby that if they even try to serve us the food that was already out of their possession and in a strangers car, I am going to call the health department. I think they may have heard me say this, but I'm irritated and I don't care. They continue making meals and filling orders that came after ours. Hubby eventually, after a total time of 20 minutes of waiting, walks up to the counter with the receipt and this is what happens (with a completely straight face)

Hubby: Are you guys going to make order 251?

Manager: That order is already done.

Hubby: Then can I eat it?

At this point in time, the manager is very confused and even tilts her head to the side a little like a dog does when he doesn't understand the command. So Hubby dumbs it down and explains.

Hubby: We still do not have our order and we have been waiting for over 20 minutes.

Manager: We will get that right up for you.

Of course, the whole time I am looking over Hubby's shoulder to make sure they do not pull food from the served and returned bag, making sure the stoner at the register does not spit in the food, and making sure they do not put tomatoes on my Crunch Wrap. After another few minutes we are handed a bag of food. I take it over to a table where the employees can see me and open to bag to inspect its contents. Not only did I inspect the contents of the bag, I pulled out my Crunch Wrap and opened it to make sure there were no tomatoes. As I grabbed the bag from the table, I glared at the employees (it is not good to make me wait on food.) As we refilled our drinks (that we had enough time to drink over half of) and walked out, I told Hubby in a rather loud manner "We could have gone to Belden and been back by the time they were done. I don't want to come to this Taco Bell anymore! I'm going to warn everyone in the parking lot that they shouldn't be in a hurry because they are going to wait for 30 minutes like we did!" To this Hubby added "I was about to jump back behind the counter and do it myself. It isn't rocket science."

I did not turn around to get any reactions, even though I'm sure I was called a biotch and given the finger from under the counter. They were just lucky there were children in the building or else I would have used more colorful language...

The moral of this story: Drugs are bad...even for people who work in fast food...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


When I was younger, I didn't believe in anxiety. As I have gotten older, I have gotten wiser. Now I know for a fact there is anxiety and I also know that I suffer from random attacks of it. Usually I get an attack every couple months when I remember that I forgot to turn in some random paperwork at work, but this isn't that simple anymore. You may think that my anxiety is fueled by my upcoming nuptuals, but actually it isn't. My anxiety attacks that I have had for the past two evenings deal with me moving out of my grandfather's house. I'm certainly not worried that BJ and I are going to move in together and end up hating each other because if he can stand me through 2 years of wedding planning, then he can stand to live with me. Instead I am worried about my grandpa. I know that I haven't been around his house as much as I should/could have been over the past 15 months of residency there, but for some reason the thought of moving out of there and leaving him alone is really upsetting to me. I know that I am supposed to grow up and move on with my life, but I feel like I am leaving him behind in a way. I know that he is a very lonely man (which is self induced, mostly) and that his 3 bedroom house is way too big for him, but I just feel like by me living there, that I made the past year a little easier on him. The house was rather empty when I moved in. I just feel like now there is going to be an even larger amount of emptiness in that house when I move out. When I first moved in, he told me that he felt so much better than he had in the months before and that he had more pep in his step. I worry that moving out will cause that to deteriorate...and I know he is deteriorating now, but I don't want the process to speed up... What causes me the most anxiety right now is picturing my grandpa, sitting in his favorite chair, alone, just staring off into the distance, with no one there to check on him and pick up the papers... And I know he is a very proud man and I know he won't just pick up the phone and call me or my mother... instead he would rather sit there and be miserable and lonely and wait for someone to call him. I am just struggling right now... I'm excited to be moving and finally living with Brendan, but at the same time, I don't want to make my grandpa's life even more lonely than it is now...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Two Tickets to Hell Please

So my fiance and I have been going to marriage counciling sessions (which are a complete waste of time.) Last night we had our final session. Before I tell you about this session, I need to give some history about this church...

We chose this church because it is 2 blocks away from my parents' house and my sister and I used to attend Brownie meetings there way back in the day. When we booked the church, there was an interum pastor there. A bit off the wall and crazy, but he was a good guy and a lot of fun to meet with. BJ and I went to 3 sessions with him, all of which revolved around ironing out our plans for the ceremony...none of which involved any sort of probing questions and the beginning of arguments. The last session we had with him, he gave us a work book to go through and wanted to go over it the next time we came in. Well, during that time between meetings, the church got a new our last meeting was not going to be with the one we had met with previously...

So on Tuesday night we met with the new pastor...I seriously do not like this woman... She has decided that less than one month before the wedding, we need to change some things because they are not religious and have no place in the ceremony if they have no connection with God. That is understandable, but it would have been more understandable had this been 2 or 3 months ago...

So about me going to hell... during our session with the new pastor, she asked and more or less assumed that we had gone through the book already with the previous pastor. BJ and I both sat there, very quiet, until we both decided to shake our heads yes and not protest that we had not gone through the book yet. So...we were in a church and we lied to our pastor. Most people would view this as a very bad thing, but I'm always the optimist. I see this as good things and fun times to come with my future husband...who else would lie in church and to a pastor with me?